Monday, July 30, 2007

Old Favorie CandleLite Scents are BACK!!! This month Only!

I wanted to let everyone know that some new scents are back in barrel jars ONLY for $9.95 in AUGUST!!!

The 3 flavors they brought back are:

Champaign Pear

The NEW catalog is out too!!!! Let me know if you want to take a peek and I will send you the link!!!

Contact me at to find out how to get yours!!!


Get BIG Back-to-School Savings!





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Big Back-to-School Savings!

Big Back-to-School Savings!

Our popular, on-the-go products are just what everyone needs for meal-time summer fun, office lunch breaks or back-to-school.

Meal Solutions To Go Pack

CrystalWave™ Lunch’n Dish with Cold Cup

This lunch set is a big favorite because it can take an entire meal to school or work, and keep foods safe and fresh on the journey there. $30.00 value. Only $18.00>>

Removable Cold Cup holds a side salad or dessert and slips out before microwave reheating. $14.00 value.
Only $8.40 >>

Man-sized appetite? Save 40% on the CrystalWave™ Divided Dish.

Rectangular Cake Taker

Lunch’n Things™ Container

Perhaps the most versatile cake and pastry taker ever made! $44.00 value.
• Carry up to 9” x 13” layer cake
• Flip base to hold up to 18 cupcakes
Only $26.40 >>

Fits a sandwich or salad, juice box and other snacks. $11.00 value.
Only $6.60 >>

Everyday Back-to-School Values

CrystalWave™ Soup Mug

Sandwich Keeper Set

CrystalWave™ Soup Mug
Microwave reheats soups, hot cereals, instant noodles, sauces, etc.
Only $10.00 >>

Sandwich Keeper Set
Designed to fit easily into backpack, briefcase or purse, the container’s one-piece construction means no seals to keep track of or to get lost.
Only $11.00 >>

Unless noted, all sales end August 31, 2007.



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Friday, July 20, 2007

SUZANNE - New Company Added!

SUZANNE is Suzanne Somers' new Direct Sales Company. SUZANNE was created to help others achieve their dreams and personal goals and to answer the nationwide demand for more Suzanne Somers' Products.

SUZANNE offers over 100 different exceptional products that include; Gourmet Foods, Jewelry, Books, Sunglasses, FaceMaster, Beauty Products and MORE. Each item is handpicked and tested by Suzanne Somers, herself. Whatever you’re into, SUZANNE™ has incredible products which can help make your life healthier, happier and more beautiful.

You, too, can become a SUZANNE Consultant. Whether you decide to join for personal reasons, to utilize SUZANNE as your own personal shopping site, and purchase great products at wholesale prices and/or utilize SUZANNE to make money, you are welcome.

Click here to visit the SUZANNE Consultant page on HostAPartyOnline to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Warm Spirit - Nature Based Wellness Products


I am currently seeking 8 SERIOUS minded individuals (I have already identified 5) who meet the following requirements:


Warm Spirit was founded in 1999 by Nadine Thompson and Daniel Wolf as a result of a conversation over dinner to develop an opportunity for men and women to own their own business as well as care for themselves and others using our nature based products.

I am seeking both men and women who want to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!
Financial Freedom
More time with family
Control of your life and your schedule

"The heart and soul of Warm Spirit is empowering people to care for themselves and to nurture their potential within" --

De'Janiera B. Little
Certified Self Care Consultant #20722
Warm Spirit
Team B.E. W.E.L.L.(Being Empowered With Endless possibility, Lucrative income, and Limitless potential)

The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-to-get kind that comes from within - strength, courage, dignity.--Ruby Dee

Friday, July 06, 2007

"Candle Light" Specials!

CandleLite has put the control of Hostess Specials in your hands in July.

Along with the regular hostess credit, during July, you can get an added $100 in hostess credit for only $10. PLUS when you have a $400 show with 10 buying guests in attendanc e, you can get an added $50 credit for $10.

Here's how it breaks down for you with a $400 show with at least one booking:

$100 Regular Hostess Credit
$100 Bonus Hostess Credit
$50 $400 show with 10 buying guests
$250 YOUR COST = $20

At this level of Hostess Credit, you can do some serious shopping for your favorite collection.

This brings your total cost for $250 in products to only $10.

If you weren't into finally getting that big ticket item you've been wanting, but your checkbook said no, you could stock up on other items.

You could get:
6 reed diffusers for $20 that makes them $3.33 ea. or31 doz. tealights for $20 / $.65 a doz. or11 slim hurricane jars for $20 / $1.82 ea. or21 doz. votives for $20 / $1.00 a doz.

If you were holding off for the new catalog, an early July show would still work. We could order you a gift certificate and I would send you a catalog as soon as I get them and you could get the phenomenal hostess credit and still shop from the new catalog. We also have many items and candle fragrances being retired at the end of July. to view the retirement list plus other exciting information. You might want to bookmark the site so it's easy for you to get to all the time.

If you have any referrals for friends or relatives who have a show, I'll have a FREE Gift for you as my way of saying Thank you for introducing me to your friends.

Have a great summer and I hope to spoil you very soon with the very best candles and accessories.

Visit my website: to see what we have on SPECIAL!

Ask me how you can get Free candles!

Do you need extra cash? Ever wished you could work for yourself?

Why not get paid to take PartyLite for a two-week test drive at NO COST, with NO OBLIGATION? Come be a part of my team and together we WILL succeed!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Silver Party Girls - Jewelry Sale!

Many of our jewelry pieces will be retiring forever on August 1st. During the month of July, I am offering 15% off of any retiring pieces in our catalog. To see our full online catalog and a list of all items that are retiring, please email me directly and mention in your message that you are interested in viewing the 2007 retired list.

I am also offering a special for hostesses that want to host a catalog or book party instead of an in-home show. I will give you an additional $40.00 free jewelry credit in addition to what you earn from your catalog show sales for the month of July.


Lee Ann Trelles


Warm Spirit is growing by leaps and bounds! I don't want you to miss this wonderful opportunity to join this wonderful organization who's soul mission is to empower people to care for themselves and to nurture thier potential within. Listen to my story as well as others! This is an opportunity that can't be turned down! For as little as $50.00, you can open your Warm Spirit business.

Join me today--allow me to help you create YOUR Warm Spirit story!

De'Janiera Little
215-806-6435-- De'Janiera B. Little
Certified Self Care Consultant#20722 WarmSpirit
Team B.E. W.E.L.L.
(Being Empowered With Endless possibility, Lucrative income, and Limitless potential)The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-to-get kind that comes from within - strength, courage, dignity. --Ruby Dee

Monday, July 02, 2007

Tupperware Catalog Online - July Tupperware Sale

The July Tupperware Sale items are now available online! Visit my Tupperware website to view the online Tupperware Catalog! You can place an order and everything will be shipped to you!

Please contact me from my Tupperware website with any questions that you have! If you are looking to organize your cupboards or pantry contact me and I can email you our storage chart so you can see what sizes that you will need!

Have a Blessed Day!

Wendy Leal