Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm Having a GRAND PartyLite Candle PARTY!!!


I wanted to share this with you since I have had many people tell me that they want the benefits of hosting a show but they dont' want to host one.
I Have The Perfect Opportunity For The First 10 People To Respond….
I am having "A GRAND PARTY!"
What is a Grand Party you ask?
Its ten people who each collect $100 in outside orders.
What do I have to do?
Show the catalog to your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Collect their orders and payments totaling $100 or more (before s&h and tax). Return the orders and payments to me by 6pm on December 10th.
How hard is it to collect $100 in orders?
It's not hard at all! PL sells itself. You can easily reach $100 just by selling 13 boxes of Tealights; 9 dozen votives; or 3 3-wicks. You can also sell our fabulous products and accessories.
What if I want to order something? Does that count towards my $100?
What do I get out of this?
I am SO glad you asked that question. Just for collecting $100 in orders, you will automatically get a $25 Gift Certificate for PL. You will also be entered into a drawing to receive one of the following:
1.       Additional $25 Gift Certificate (1 awarded)
2.        Opportunity to purchase the Global Fusion for $24.95 (reg $69.95)
3.     Opportunity to purchase the "Coastal Lights Hurricane" for $19.95
4.     Opportunity to purchase the "Serenade Sconce Pair" for $29.95
5.    Opportunity to purchase a "Votive Super Candle Pack" for $14.95
6.   Any Item at Half Price (5 awarded)
What if I collect $250 or more in orders?
            If you can collect $250 in orders, I will promote you out of the Grand  Show and will give you the following:  
·        15% of your total sales in FREE credit. You can take it now, or select a gift certificate to use when the new catalog debuts. HOWEVER, if you will book a home show, or get one of your customers to book a show in the next 30 days, I will give you 25% of your total sales in FREE credit.
·        You will have the opportunity to purchase ALL of the specials listed above (#2-5).
·        One item at half price. At $400, you will receive one half priced item for every $200 sold.
·        For $15.95 you can purchase a Mystery Bonus Pack valued at $110 including products, wax, and one item from our 2008 catalog (even I don't know what's in the pack, it is selected by PL).
·        For $9.95 you can select another $50 in PL product! And another $50 in product for $9.95 for each booking you can get off of your show, including your own show (when those shows hold within 30 days).
Is that it?
That's not enough for you?!?! And no, that's not it. But I don't want to overwhelm you now. If you decide you would like to participate in my GRAND SHOW, I will fill you in on the rest.
Sounds GRAND! Where do I sign up?
Call me or E-Mail me. Once you're signed up, I will give you your packet and you're all set. Just remember, orders are due to me by April 20th . Orders will be shipped DIRECTLY TO YOU!.
I really want to do this, but now is not the time. What can I do?
Let me know you're interested, and I'll make sure to contact you next time I do this. Depending on how it goes, I may do this once every quarter.
I have a friend that would LOVE to do this, Can I pass this on?
            Of course, all I ask is you let me know who you gave this flyer to.
*                        E-mail me:
 View our current catalog on-line by clicking the link below:


 View our current catalog on-line by clicking the link below:

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