Thursday, July 20, 2006

Do You Burn Scented Candles?

Candles are burned in over 80% of households today. Many people burn candles on a weekly basis. If you burn candles, how does your candle stack up? Is it clean burning? What is it made of? If you are like most people, you are burning a paraffin candle.

Did you know that there is a better alternative to paraffin candles? Candles made of natural waxes are becoming more popular every day and for good reason.

Our Natural Wax Scented Candles are:

  • Cleaner Burning
  • Do not emit black soot like paraffin candles do
  • Are non-toxic
  • Retain scent better than paraffin candles
  • Priced the same as quality name brand paraffin candles
  • They clean up with hot soapy water if spilled
  • Burn cooler and longer than paraffin candles
  • Completely liquify so there is no wasted wax or holes down the center of the jar
Please click here to read what others are saying about our candles.

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Do you already sell candles? Come take a look at our business plan by watching this 20 minute video! You just might want to switch companies! I did and I am so glad that I did!

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Small Group Referral Networking Event for Businesswomen

The International Virtual Women's Chamber of Commerce is giving a series of Team 100 networking events this summer for business people who want to educate others about their company to encourage them to open up their Rolodexes. Please review the announcement below and contact me if you are interested in participating. Participation is limited to one person per business category to prevent competition.

Women's Chamber Announces Summer Team 100 Referral Networking Fest To Help Women Owned Companies Generate Referrals

Network around the clock with non-competitive entrepreneurs and professionals to build your Team 100 referral group. If your goal is to build a lifetime of endless referrals, attend the International Virtual Women's Chamber of Commerce's Summer Team 100 Referral Networking Fest on Monday, July 24. The cost to attend the 72 hour event is only $12.

It takes a lot of time to build a personal Team 100 to keep a steady flow of referrals. IVWCC's Team 100 networking events can help you accelerate the formation of your personal Team 100. Everybody knows somebody. They can recommend their business associates to not only purchase your products and services but to become a part of your Team 100.

A Team 100 networking event is not a hard sell event. It's a small group of people getting together to skillfully discuss what their business does in simple terms so the other attendees can step in their shoes and educate their circle of contacts about why they should purchase your products and services.

Team 100 networking events are business building events in which long term business relationships are developed through continual networking. Through ongoing participation, not sporadic, you will lay the foundation for lucrative business relationships.

The event will kick off at 3 p.m. eastern. It will be conducted on a private listserv to accommodate different time zones and busy schedules. You can tune in and out while you service your clients and manage your household.

Grab a business buddy and contact Jerrilynn Thomas via email at or Skype at womenschamber to see if your category is available.

Jerrilynn B. Thomas, CEOInternational Virtual Women's Chamber of CommerceFacilitator of partnerships between busy business and professional women

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gold Canyon candle July Specials

Take advantage of great deals in July. Check out these exciting promotions and click here for more details.

Hot Summer Discounts on Signature Series™ Candles
Be sure not to miss out on this month’s promotions because July brings exciting deals for customers and Hosts! When you place your next candle order, you can receive your favorite Signature Series candles at a steep discount or even absolutely FREE! Contact your Demonstrator to place an order and learn more about these deals.

Bonus Host Rewards
Earn even more Host Rewards when you host a Gold Canyon Candle Party in July! With the July promotion, you’ll get more items at a 75% discount!

For more information, click here to contact your Gold Canyon Candle Demonstrator and get your Party planned before the month is over. Keep in mind, these July promotion benefits are in addition to the regular Host Rewards you’ll already receive when you host a Party.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Home and Garden Party July Specials

Home and Garden Party Specials this month:

We have several 2 for 1 items this month!! Buy 1 item and receive the second one FREE!! Email me for a list of items!! I am also compiling my mailing list for the brand new Home and Garden Party Fall/Winter Catalog...You won't believe this catalog!! Hundreds of new items!! If you my website and mention, then I will send you a new Home and Garden Party catalog and a Home and Garden Party Coupon!!

I am also offering a free Home and Garden Party kit to anyone who does a catalog party of $300-$400 by August 20th!! What do you have to lose?? You will receive $200 to $300 of brand new HGP items and the best training materials I have ever seen!! All for just doing a Home and Garden Party catalog party!! Email me with any questions!

Kimberly Jenkins

Start Your Own Tea Business with Tealightful Treasures!

Tealightful Treasures
Ever wonder if starting a business is your cup of tea?

At Tealightful Treasures we offer:
Gourmet Teas
Signature China
Yogurt Scone Mixes
Tea Accessories
Whole Grain Mixes
Tea Time Treats
Soap & Bath Products
Gift Sets

Be a founding consultant in your area. We need you!

Entrepreneur Magazine named TEA the top business to start in 2006!

Click here to learn more about becoming a Tealightful Treasures Consultant!

Call now to learn more 888-623-0284 or visit

Mary Tilson -

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Aloette - Aloe Vera Based Skin Care & Cosmetics

Aloette Cosmetics is a company founded on principles of the highest quality. Quality in the level of concentrated aloe ingredients selected to go into its premier skin care and cosmetics line. Aloette is committed to offering the highest quality products at value. This is done with one primary objective- to bring out the inner beauty in every woman through enhancing her outer beauty.

Aloette is an all natural and aloe based skin care line. The essence of aloe Vera and botanicals... ... Radiant... Smooth... Beautiful. It's the look you get with the Aloepure Skincare. Our Skincare system is the most technologically advanced system available today! Through extensive clinical testing, you'll take comfort in knowing all off our skincare products are allergy tested, non-comedogenic and dermatologist tested. There is no lanolin, mineral oil, chemical fillers in our skin care products.

Some of our most popular products include:
Restorative Enzyme Peel
Time Repair
Age Defiance Firming Serum
Advanced Eye Recovery Complex
Lumitone HP
Flawless Skin Perfecting Serum
Eye Restore Complex
Nutri-Hydrating Mist
Skin Renewal Mud Masque
Bath and Body Silk
Warming Pumpkin Energizing Masque
Multi Action Scrub
Aloette Eyeshadow
Skin Refining Toner
Tranquil Days, Sultry Nights
Stress Free Living Kit
Soothe n Smoothe (Voted Women's Health & Fitness Best Buy 2006)
Pocket Planner
Line Relief Concentrate

Learn more about Aloette products...

Jockey Person to Person

The Jockey Person to Person company offers Premium, Exclusive Underwear, Sleepwear and Active wear Products for Men, Women and Kids that are Designed for Comfort. Our Jockey Person to person products are only available through our home parties or through a Jockey Person to Person Independent consultant! At Jockey Person to Person™, our mission is to offer the finest products with advanced technology in fabrication and design, superior components, unique detailing and above all – comfort! Best of all, our incredible, premium products are only available through Jockey Person to Person underwear party. We offer Infant and Toddler Wear, Premium Sleep Wear, Active Wear, Men's Underwear Products and Women's Intimate Wear. Our Crown Jewels are the most comfortable, durable and beautiful bras in the world!
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What is a Blog?

Although blogs have been around for quite a while, a lot of people still don't know about them, and even those that do aren't using them to their full potential.
First of all, let me explain what a blog is. The word "blog" is short for web log. It's basically an online diary. You're probably thinking, "why would I want to write an online diary?". The short and simple answer is, you wouldn't , not many people outside your of friends and family want to hear about what you get up to everyday. However, if you write a blog for your website or on a specific topic, you're going to generate a lot of interest. So if it was for your website, you would blog about any updates that you've made to the site or anything interesting that's been going on lately in your industry. But Why Write A Blog About That Stuff?That question has many answers, all of which are vital for you to understand, especially the last one. Blogs are incredibly easy to update, you just log in to your blogging account, write what you want to say and then hit publish, simple as that. Now the whole world is able to see what you just wrote. No need to write html or do any coding (Unless you really want to), no need to upload things or even use ftp (File transfer protocol), and no need to manually link it to the rest of your site, as a blog can be a completely seperate entity if you want it to be. So as you can see, you've cut pretty much all the steps out of the equation for adding content to your website. So benefit number 1 is, you save yourself a lot of time.Okay Cool, So I Can Save Time, What Else?You can contact many people at a time, without having to worry about any anti-spam software getting in your way. Anyone who sees your blog can subscribe to it with an RSS feed reader. An RSS feed reader is a piece of software or website that allows you to subscribe to people's blogs and be notified when an update is made. This means that whatever you write goes directly to their computer, this also means, there is MUCH less competition for you in terms of what's going to be looked at, as people will choose to specially subscribe to your RSS feed. Once someone has subscribed to an RSS feed in a topic they are interested in, providing you provide high quality content, you wont have any competition for that individuals attention. You've Almost Sold Me, Give Me Something To Clinch The DealOk, so you want even more? What if I told you, that having a blog could get you listed in google tommorrow? Or if your website is already listed in google, how about being crawled and indexed more often by google? Well it's true. This means that when you write a search engine optimized page (I'll teach you how to do this in other articles), not only will it appear in the search results pretty quickly, but because it appears so quickly, you can see it's rank, and if it's not number 1 yet, you can tweak the page, see what happens and see if you get to number 1 this time. Wash rinse repeat.So in summary, a blog helps you to optimize your pages and get to the number 1 spot.I hope you enjoyed this article, best of luck in your RSS and blogging efforts.

About the Author
Stephen Warren is the creator of Learn how to make a great site and turn it into a money making machine in no time.

Consultant Supplies

There are all kinds of Consultant Supplies on ebay! Everything from catalog tote bags to car magnets and clings to advertise your business! If you are a consultant for a direct sales or home party plan company, you can find all kinds of sales aids and more things to assist you with your business!

Consultant Stickers
AVON Consultant Supplies
Mary Kay Consultant Supplies
Pampered Chef Consultant Supplies
PartyLite Consultant Supplies
Tupperware Consultant Supplies
BeautiControl Consultant Supplies
Close to My Heart Consultant Supplies
Cookie Lee Consultant Supplies
Creative Memories Consultant Supplies
Longaberger Consultant Supplies
Arbonne International Consultant Supplies
Home Interiors Consultant Supplies
Body Shop at Home Consultant Supplies
car magnets, signs and bumper stickers...
Custom Car Magnets
Consultant Car Stickers
Everything you need to start a direct sales home business! - Customized Marketing Items and Templates for flyers, handouts, business cards, thank you notes & much more. Plus our simple to use business management software that creates reports and stores all your critical information like cash flow, inventory & events in one spot! Everything you need to make your home party sales business succeed at prices your budget can afford!

FreeLife International - Get Your Goji Juice here!

Brooks Enterprises with Freelife International, has the perfect home business opportunity to increase your income... backed by a solid company with a proven track record for integrity and respect... and the hottest new product in the health and wellness industry... then you're in the right place at the right time. You'll want to take immediate action on what you are about to learn. The timing of your visit couldn't get any better! The urgency for what you need to do next couldn't be any stronger.

Here are just a few reasons why:

Your Health! You'll notice a difference within weeks of drinking Goji Juice. Many see results within their first 3 days! Just 3 to 4 ounces a day could dramatically improve your health and well being.

Your Wealth! You get to partner with a solid 10+ year company, one of the few who experienced a 400% growth in 2004, with their NEW Himalayan Goji Juice consistently breaking records in sales growth every month since its launch.

Your Future! You have the potential to add a steady stream of income to your bank account that keeps growing year after year. Himalayan Goji Juice is poised to become a household name, and you are invited to share in its success!

Contact us at 1-800-694-6377 there will be a 3 mins message from Dr Mindell, leave a message and we will get back to you. If you don't leave a message we won’t know you called.

Angela Brooks

Free Classified Ads

Place a FREE Classified Ad Now!! free classifieds with over 10,000,000 views a month and thousands of replies daily! Get your business seen! For Free!

Monday, July 10, 2006

AVON Makeup Sale

View the AVON Summer Splash Makeup Sale items Online Now!

Would you like to learn more about selling AVON? It is only $10 to get started! Please visit my website on HostAPartyOnline for more information and to contact me!

Nicole Rogers
Your AVON Representative

Friday, July 07, 2006

200 Home Party Games for Consultants

Are you in the direct sales, party plan business? Would you like to get more sales and recruits while you and your guests have fun? Get over 200 fun party games to play at your parties! Great party game ideas!

These games can be tailored to any company that you are in!

Tupperware Party Games
PartyLite Candle Games
Home Interior Party Games
Cosmetics and Skin Care Party Games

Order Now! It is Only $5.00! Come take a look and order the book! Immediate Download! Just Click here!

Advertise Your Direct Sales and Home Party Plan Business in our Directory!

Do You Burn Candles? We Pay You to Burn Ours!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mary Kay Cosmetics Specials for July

I have some awesome specials right now! Shop for upcoming celebrations like graduations, weddings, birthdays, and all your other occasions!

Made the Grade SetCongratulate the new grad with a treat for her eyes, lips and nails. As she enters the next chapter of her life, she'll turn heads from the start!

Pedicure Plus Set Always on the go, give Mom the opportunity to sit back, relax and soak her tired feet. She can begin by dropping Rosemary Mint Foot Fizzies into warm water. Next, she can use Rosemary Mint Energizing Foot Mask, followed with Rosemary Mint Soothing Foot Balm. Mom can finish her refreshing pedicure with MK Signature™ Nail Enamel in Hot Pink. This set comes in an adorable polka-dot bag.

Sealed With a Kiss Set Remember those big kisses from Mom that left lipstick marks on your cheek? She's sure to plant one on you when you present her with this gift set including MK Signature™ Luscious Color™ Lipstick and TimeWise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer.

Instant ResultsFight fine lines, refine pores and achieve beautifully smooth skin – immediately – with this simple, two-step set. $55.00
Try it! Love it!These results were experienced after just one week.**85% saw improvement in skin texture.73% saw a reduction in fine lines.71% saw smaller-looking pores.

To find out what our hostesses get when they have there own get together with their girlfriends click the website below.

If you would like to order any of the sets presented here please contact me at or my website at

If you are interested in starting your own Mary Kay business, you can for the price of a kit $100 plus shipping and tax. And you get $323.00 (retail) in products to help you get started to sell and earn extra money over the summer!

Pink Hugs,

Bonuses: How To Raise the Value of Your Products by Kathryn Beach

Whether you create and sell your own products, buy reselling rights or rebrand other people's products, adding value with bonuses is a well-used tactic in affiliate marketing. Why? Because a good bonus is valid, honest, and truly does add value to any offer. Perhaps most importantly, it makes the customer think that NOT to purchase would be a very unwise decision.

The challenge is that almost every marketer is using bonuses, so customers are wearying of the hype. What you need to do is offer them bonuses that do add genuine value to your product, and off them at the right place and time, and in the right way.

Some examples of good bonuses are:

*your product is an ebook about how to buy a used car, and your bonus is a report on how to check to see if a vehicle has sustained damage.

*your product is software designed to simplify obtaining reciprocal links, and your bonus is a report about how to create search engine optimized website title, description and keywords.

A bonus with genuine value:

*can be put to use immediately and is directly related to your product.

*provides motivation that is a match for the motivation to sign up for the newsletter or buy your product, and serves to add to that motivation, not detract from it.

*can allow you to put a price on a product that others give away for free.

The right placement of a bonus is:

*immediately before your prospect makes the last click to complete a sale. This will eliminate any last minute hesitation and will reinforce what you are asking for your product.

A bonus works well if you will only be selling your product for a limited time:

*If you can tell people that if they order by July 15th 2006 they will get a discount or free bonuses, there will be a sense of urgency compelling the customer to buy now rather than risking missing the bonus.

Here are examples of appropriate free bonuses:

1. Physical Product If you are selling a physical product, it's easy to slip in a free sample or free gift. Anything with your logo, url and/or contact info reminds your customer to return to your website. Pens, mousepads, coffee cups, and refrigerator magnets all get used frequently.

2. Special Report Information in a condensed form that relates to what you're offering and would be very helpful for the customer makes a great bonus. If your product is information explaining how to do something, your bonus can be a detailed description of some aspect of that. A great bonus to add to Opt In Master Course would be a report outlining how to get the most out of your favorite traffic exchanges or safelists; or, how to write a good email advertisement.

Titles that are exciting and include numbers, such as "10 Killer Steps to Writing Email Ads that Sell", are proven to be highly successful. An easy way to write your report is to write it in Microsoft Word, format it so it looks professional (using white space, highlights, and bulleted lists, for example), and then use Adobe Acrobat to save it as a PDF file for easy downloading. Be sure to promote your business, website, and relevant affiliate programs in there too - remember it may get passed around. If you would like to make your report available for rebranding, then use pdf995 instead of Adobe Acrobat. Rebranding rights encourage other marketers to pass it around. You can offer your report for free, and sell rebranding rights.

3. Resource List Compile a list of your personally recommended resources, websites, books, and vendors that will help your list grow their lists and run a successful business. You can set this up as a PDF file as well, or create a password-protected area of your website that your list can access.

4. Checklist Are there any checklists that would be a good tie-in to what you offer? That help people do what you're teaching them to do, better or easier? A checklist of a daily traffic exchange surfing schedule, or weekly website promotion activities, would help your list members run their businesses more efficiently. A common question I receive is, do you really use ALL the resources in OMC? Your answer to that could be your checklist of what you use.

5. Collection of Articles My favorite way to advertise my site and add valuable content is to write articles and post them to article directories and on my website. Your list of article directories, or a collection of your best 10 articles, would make a valuable bonus ebook.

6. Workbook Since OMC includes marketing principles, strategies and tactics, put together a separate guide to help your list members do assignments, stay on track, and document their progress. A workbook is something people recognize and appreciate because it infers step by step guidance, with measurable results. This would be a step up from a checklist.

7. A Coaching Session With You A consultation is a great bonus to offer, for several reasons. First, it helps you get to know your list members and their questions will help you decide on the direction your website should take. Second, it's a great opportunity to add backend sales to your free products. For example, if they appreciated the coaching you provided, they may be interested in buying an ebook that expands on this info.

Digital or Physical?

If you're offering printed material as a bonus, don't go nuts spending a ton of money making it look great. "Good" is okay! A simple printed-on-demand report from Cafe Press fits any budget and is fine. First you sign up for a Basic Shop for free. On the " My CafePress" page, click on the "products" link under Shop Management. Next, click on the "add products" button at the top of the page. This will direct you to the product list where you can select the products available for you to choose from. The book is the last product in the list. The system will then walk you through each step of creating your book.

What's most important is the cover -- even if you only produce a digital report or audio product, having a graphic of it will help increase your response and make you look more professional.

Give Your Wallet a Bonus This Month

So get some bonuses together, make note of your sales so far, and then add some bonuses and watch how your sales rise.

About the Author
Besides playing around with Cafe Press, Kathryn Beach also is queen of her domain at Affiliate Marketing Tips and would love to share her queendom with you.

Postcard Printing that Works by Jinky Mesias

After you have successfully grab the attention of your potential customer with your full color postcard so what comes next? --- There are actually two things that can happen its either they turn your postcard over and read the information at the back or smile and then store your postcard in their drawer because they have found the design really cute.

For postcards designed for promotion, being treated as cute is not exactly the main objective it's more of getting your potential customers to read the postcard and have them to get interested in whatever products or services being offered. Although it is true that a great full color postcard design can help grab the attention of potential customers but this alone cannot generate sales you need to have an eye-catching headline, one that will arouse their curiosity.

The headlines to be used for postcards don't need to be long. In fact 3 to 8 words are enough to come up with a convincing headline one which your potential customers would deem as interesting enough to continue reading the rest of the information written on your postcards. A compelling headline is a must if your postcard lacks this important element then your marketing pursuit is doom. Creating a good headline is not really difficult all you have to do is to concentrate and to put a little thought on what you are about to write. It would be easier for you if you are to get the gist or the main idea of the information that you are to put on your postcard. Use the main idea for your headline.

There are actually three basic types of headlines that you can use for your direct mail marketing and these are as follows:

1.Self-interest headlines- this type of headline talks about benefits that readers will receive out from what you are promoting.

2.News type of headline- a good way to create this type of headline is to write it in such a way as if you are letting your reader to take part in a secret.

3.Thought-provoking headline- makes use of topics that will arouse curiosity.

Among the three types of headlines the self-interest is considered to be the most effective. This is because people would always prefer things wherein they would benefit. Besides it is human nature to dream of a better life and anything that can promise them that will certainly appeal to them. Using a self-interest headline for your postcard is a great way to arouse the interest of your potential customers. However make sure that the headline you choose suits the product or service that you are promoting. If you can accomplish this part correctly then expect for a favorable response from your targeted customers.

Additional information about this article can be found at 4 Color Printing Service-Catalogs Printing,Brochures Printing,Business Card Printing, Postcard Printing

About the Author
This article was made by Jinky Mesias under 4 Color Printing Services Online

Choosing a Direct Sales Company

Choosing a Direct Sales Company - by Wendy Leal

Joining a direct sales company is one of the most popular and most profitable ways to start your own business. You are able to work around your schedule, your child's schedule if you are a parent and even your work schedule.

There are many different direct sales, home party plan companies available today. You can sell all types of products from candles to beef jerky and make a good living through home parties, catalog parties and even by selling products online. But what company do you choose? Here are some tips to finding the perfect company for you:

What do YOU enjoy?
When thinking about joining a direct sales company you should consider your lifestyle. What do you enjoy? What are your natural talents? Do you like to be creative? Do you love to decorate? Are you a great cook or would you like to be? Are you health conscious? Are you into fashion? Do you love jewelry? Finding a company that will fit with what you like to do will make it more fun for you and easier to sell the product.

Do YOU Like the product?
You need to sell a product that you can be proud of. When you are excited about a product then it will show. Having honest enthusiasm for a product will bring you more sales and make it easier on you to explain the benefits because it will come naturally to you.

Is the Product Consumable?
Selling a product that needs to be replaced on a regular basis is a very good idea because it can bring you re-peat sales. Items like candles, cosmetics, skin care, food items, etc. are all consumable.

Is the Product in Demand?
Who uses or needs this product? Is there something special about it? Is it well known? These things should be considered. I nobody uses the product on a regular basis then maybe you should think about something else.

How Do You Want to Sell the Product?
How do you see yourself selling this product? Would you like to sell it on line only? At home shows? Through catalog parties? On auction sites like ebay? You need to find out the different ways that the company allows the product to be sold.

Some direct sales companies like The Pampered Chef, will allow you to purchase an online store but they do not allow advertising of any kind online. If you are interested in selling online you need to be sure about any stipulations before joining.

What are the Start Up Costs?
Most direct sales companies require you to purchase a kit when joining. This usually consists of a sampling of products from their line and also business materials. Some companies will also charge a fee to have a company website if you are interested in selling products online.

You need to consider what the costs are to start the business and how much money you will need to earn to recoup the costs of your starter kit.
For instance, if you purchased a candle kit that was $200.00 and you made a 20% commission on all sales, then you would need to sell $1,000.00 worth of candles just to break even. Anything after that would be a profit.

How Much Money are YOU Making?
Undoubtedly one of the most important factors to consider before joining a direct sales or home party plan business is the commission that you make on your sales. At first you may think that is a pretty cut and dry subject but in fact there is a little more to think about.

I was a demonstrator for a couple of different candle companies in the past until I started selling these candles. I was making anywhere from a 15% to 20% commission on my sales. It wasn't until I joined the other candle company that it became very clear to me how much money I was missing. For instance, one 16oz candle from another company that I sold for cost $16.95. I earned a 20% commission on that sale so I made a $3.39 commission on that sale. Well with my new candle company, I sell a 16oz jar candle for $18.95. I purchase the candle at wholesale for $9.50 each so that leaves me with a $9.45 profit. BIG difference there don't you think! It definitely pays to do the math!

Is the Company Reputable?
Has this company been around a while? Is it a member of the Better Business Bureau? Can you contact the company owners or someone in the company that can assist you when needed? These are important factors when joining a direct sales company. I have seen a few companies start up, collect money and orders and then they are gone, leaving the consultants and customers stranded.

Can You Earn Residual Income?
There seems to be some confusion on what residual income means. Residual income is not a pyramid scam. Residual income is a multi-level marketing strategy where you join a company under another consultant or distributor and they are paid a percentage of the sales that you generate. Some people think that the money is coming out of your sales. This is NOT TRUE! You still make the same and it has nothing to do with you.
Many companies have a residual income plan in place to reward those that wish to build a team by sponsoring other people into the company. I suggest finding a company that pays a good residual income. It means more money for you when you find people that are interested in doing what you do.

What are the Minimums?
To remain an active sales force member, some companies will have minimums in place. For instance, Tupperware has a minimum of $250 in sales in a 4 month period of time. If you do not generate at least $250 in sales in 4 months then you will become inactive.

Another thing to consider is the minimums required to earn a residual income. Some companies will only pay you the percentage of your down lines sales if you have a certain amount of sales during that month, that quarter or whatever time frame the company gives you. Tupperware consultants are required to sell at least $500.00 a month to earn the residual income from their down line that month.

What About Inventory?
Does the company you are considering joining require you to keep an inventory or can all of the products be ordered through the company? If you do not have money to invest in inventory or the space to store the inventory, then you need to find a company that does not require you to keep an inventory.

Direct Shipping or Delivering?
When researching a company it is important to find out how orders are placed and how products will be delivered to the customer. Some companies will ship the products directly to the customer while others require the products be shipped to you or the host and then they are distributed to the customer by you or the host. Of course this all depends on how you wish to sell the products.

What about Miscellaneous Fees?
As a business owner you will likely need business cards, catalogs or brochures, a website, a way to process credit cards, insurance if you are doing home shows, etc.

Most direct sales companies provide all of these items for a fee. If you are interested in selling products through home parties or catalog parties it is a good idea to find out how much the catalogs or brochures cost. How often does the catalog change? Avon has a new catalog out every 2 weeks!

How much is it to be able to sell online with your company sponsored website? Does the company process the credit cards or do you have to pay a fee? All of these things can add up.

Do You Need a Sellers Permit or a Business License?
Many direct sales companies do not require you to have a sellers permit or a business license to do home shows or to sell the products online. Most companies will 1099 you.

If you are interested in selling products at a fair or a booth then you may need one. If you are purchasing products at wholesale and then selling them at retail then chances are you will need a sellers permit. Contact the company or your tax board and ask about this.

What Support is Available?
Support from the company or your up line can be crucial to success in any business opportunity that you pursue, especially if you have not been in a network marketing company before. You will want to choose a sponsor and company that is available to answer your questions and address your concerns.

With the use of the internet, email, chat rooms, instant messengers and conference calls, it is easier than ever to be successful at your business. Most companies have one or more of these training capabilities in place so you can learn more about the business and learn how to sell the products.

Do keep in mind that support from the company and your sponsor is important but it is UP TO YOU to decide your success. Others cannot do it for you, they can only guide you.

So What Company Should You Join?
You can start your journey to finding the right direct sales company by visiting our company directory on The companies featured there have consultants waiting to answer your questions.

About the Author:
Wendy Leal is the owner of A direct sales, party plan and small business resource website.

This article may be distributed freely provided the article remains in tact and the "About the Author" section is included with the article. All hyperlinks are to be clickable if distributed online.